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APUO is both a professional association and a union, certified in 1976 under the Ontario Labour Relations Act.

It is the exclusive bargaining agent for the 1250 employees in the bargaining unit which it represents. The unit includes professors (other than visiting professors), language teachers, counsellors, librarians, and certain research fellows.

Recent News
The University of Ottawa record-breaking financial surplus and its impact
December 10, 2019

On September 30, members received a communication from President Frémont announcing a $91.8 million surplus for 2018-2019. This excess in revenue over expenses is a new record for the University of Ottawa, besting the previous record of $69.8 million from 2017-2018 by $22 million – a 31 percent increase. As APUO members are confronted with a growing workload, and fewer resources to support the educational and research mandates of our institution due to the austerity…


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