Letter to President Rock

Dear Members,

As you know from last Friday’s Bargaining Bulletin, negotiations have started in a very challenging fashion.

Whereas the APUO has been constructively participating in the multi-union/employer task force on pension plan reform, the employer has gone back on its word by suspending this working group without notice, and has unilaterally attempted to force this issue onto our negotiating table.  There are many reasons why this is unacceptable under present circumstances and the APUO will not passively accept this.

In this troubling context, we have asked for an immediate meeting with President Rock in order to constructively realign the negotiation process, and to avoid any further adversarial drift.

Please find attached our letter to President Rock requesting this meeting.  As always, we will share further information with you as soon as possible.


The APUO Executive

School of Government

Dear APUO members

Please find attached President Rock’s answer on the projected School of Government. Our letter was sent on March 4, and we received the answer last Friday (March 15), late afternoon. We leave it to up you to assess how much better informed (or not) you are now, as well as to assess the opacity/transparency of the process so far. To this end, we have also attached our original letter.


The APUO Executive Committee

OCUFA – We Teach Ontario

OCUFA’s latest campaign, We Teach Ontario, launched last week. It’s goal is simple: to explain the important connection between teaching and research at Ontario’s universities. In addition to the campaign website featuring video profiles of faculty members, there are many ways to connect with the campaign.