Submit final grades

Dear APUO members,

It has recently come to our attention that the employer sent APUO members in some faculties incorrect information regarding the submission of grades. The employer’s recent message indicated that professors must “submit … final grades in uoCampus. Final grades submitted by email or paper copy will not be accepted.” (Email dated April 17, 2017).

This message contradicts the Faculty Center Guide in uoCampus. Since APUO has no way of knowing who received this message, the Executive felt that it was in the best interest of all members to be aware that the guide states the following:

There are three ways to submit your final grades:

  • Enter grades directly into the Grade Roster of your Faculty Center.
  • Submit an Excel file to your faculty, department or school. This file can originate from the Faculty Center (Class List or Grade Roster) or Blackboard Learn (Grade Center).
  • Upload a file containing grades for a class to the Grade Roster in your Faculty Center (University of Ottawa, Faculty Center Guide, 19).

Clearly the email message quoted above contradicts the options available to you. Though members may have already submitted grades this semester, for those who still have grades to submit, please be aware that you have the options listed above.

Thank you,

The Executive committee

APUO Executive Election results

Dear APUO members,

Following the elections held at the Annual General Meeting yesterday, Thursday April 27, 2017, the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) announces the results for each Executive Committee position.

First Vice-President

    • Jean-Daniel JACOB       149 votes (72%) Elected
    • Cristina PERISSINOTTO  57 votes (28%)

Second Vice-President

    • Raywat DEONANDAN     80 votes (41%)
    • Dimitrios KARMIS          115 votes (59%) Elected


    • Tyler CHAMBERLIN        65 votes (35%)
    • Jeanette HATHERILL    120 votes (65%) Elected

Mobilization Officer

    • Daniel PARÉ, Elected by acclamation

Equity Officer

    • Amir ATTARAN            43 votes (23%)
    • Kathryn TREVENEN   147 votes (77%) Elected

Academic Officer

    • Dalie GIROUX            109 votes (66%) Elected
    • Naomi GOLDENBERG   56 votes (34%)


    • Cheryl McWATTERS     42 votes (28%)
    • Colin MONTPETIT      110 votes (72%) Elected

The mandate of the newly elected officers will begin on July 1, 2017, the date at which the current President, Jennifer DEKKER, will begin her mandate as Past-President. The NEC thanks all candidates for their participation in the APUO’s electoral process. A Special General Meeting will be announced in the next few days in order to present additions and clarifications to the Constitution and By-Laws in relation to the upcoming APUO (Co-)Presidency (Richard BLUTE and Susan SPRONK). The NEC emphasizes the importance of giving full and complete support to the new APUO team that will begin their demanding work on July 1, 2017, especially in the context of a bargaining year (the Collective Agreement expires on April 30, 2018).

The Nominations and Elections Committee

Election Result- APUO President

Dear APUO members,

Following the counting of votes by the APUO administrative team, in front of the Nominations and Elections Committee, as well as the two candidates, we are announcing the results of the first ever APUO presidential election.

  • 432 valid ballots were received by 4:00 PM on April 25 2017;
  • Professor Richard Blute received 216 votes (50%);
  • Professor Susan Spronk received 216 votes (50%).

Professors Blute and Spronk both accept the electoral results and have agreed to be APUO co-presidents on an interim basis. We remind you to come out in large numbers to the Annual General Meeting which will be held at 1 p.m. tomorrow,Thursday April 27, 2017,  in the auditorium (150) in Marion Hall for the election of the six (6) remaining contested Executive Committee positions. You may view the list of candidates in the email the APUO sent a few weeks ago (

The Nominations and Elections Committee