What is the APUO?

Description and objectives of the APUO

APUO is both a professional association and a union, certified in 1976 under the Ontario Labour Relations Act. It is the exclusive bargaining agent for the 1250 employees in the bargaining unit which it represents. The unit includes professors (other than visiting professors), language teachers, counsellors, librarians, and certain research fellows. The business of APUO is conducted by an Executive Committee, under the direction of a Board of Directors.


The APUO is affiliated with the following associations: the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) and the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT). The Association may also affiliate with other associations or organizations as determined from time to time under by-law B.


The Association is run on a volunteer basis and depends on the active participation of its members. The magnitude of the participation required may be judged by referring to the list of APUO committees and APUO representation on employer committees. For more information on the organizational structure of APUO, refer to the organizational chart.

Mil Rate

The current mil rate of 10 came into effect on January 1 2013. A mil rate of 10 means that dues are assessed at a rate of 1% of nominal salary, deducted in equal monthly amounts when an individual is included in the bargaining unit. Dues are income-tax deductible and include membership fees in APUO’s affiliates, including CAUT, the CAUT Defence Fund and OCUFA.

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