History of the APUO

The creation of the APUO

In the fall of 1956, the Council of the Faculty of Science appointed a committee to organize an association of professors and to investigate the possibility of affiliation with the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT). As a result, an invitation was issued to the full-time professors of all faculties to attend an organization meeting early in 1957. Professor Madonna was elected first President and a constitution was drafted under his direction. The principal purposes of the Association were to serve as a spokesperson for the professors, to negotiate for the interests of professors, to promote professional standards, and to promote the intellectual and social life of the University community. The most important achievement was the establishment of a good working relationship between the Association and the University administration, based on mutual respect, recognition of common interest, and recognition of the Association as the official spokesperson for the professors.


1956 Created as  voluntary association seeking to represent the professional interests of academic staff of the University of Ottawa.
1972 Recognized as the official spokesperson for professors in matters concerning conditions of employment at the University Scholarship Awards Program.
1975 Certification was obtained as the exclusive bargaining agent for academic staff (membership approximately 850), including professors, language teachers, librarians, all Medical Research Council associates, replacement professors, visiting professors and directors of most institutes.
1976 The first collective agreement (1976-1978), was ratified and signed.
1981 The APUO’s problem-resolution and grievance procedures were organized and specific tasks were assigned to an enlarged APUO Grievance Committee.
1990 There were the beginnings of incentives for early retirement. The actuarial reduction was eliminated for members retiring at or after the age of sixty. Membership in the APUO became open to two kinds of members: regular members and retired members. Retired members became eligible for membership on the Board as representing an electoral unit comprising all retired members.
2006 The 2004/2008 collective agreement was ratified in April 2006 after almost two years of bargaining.
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