Bargaining Update: Agreement in principle

Dear members,

We are pleased to inform you that we have reached an agreement in principle with the Central Administration at the end of our second day of mediation.

We believe that we have negotiated the best deal possible in the current circumstances and we are happy to recommend its ratification. The agreement will be presented to the APUO Executive next week. A Special General Assembly (SGA) and secret vote to ratify the agreement will be held in the coming weeks. All relevant information will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.

We would like to thank all APUO members for your support and participation in our Respect campaign. We also wish to thank William Kaplan, the independent mediator who worked hard to make this agreement possible.

Thank you again for your extraordinary support.


The APUO Negotiation Team
Michel Desjardins
Jean-Daniel Jacob
Susan Spronk
Dalie Giroux
Colin Montpetit
Richard Hébert
Paul Saurette
Natasha Udell

Start Of Collective Bargaining

Dear members,

We wish to inform you that on January 31, the APUO has begun collective bargaining and tabled its proposals to the Employer, which are summarized in the following Powerpoint.

We thank all members who attended Monday’s Special General Meeting and provided valuable feedback and a mandate that will guide us during this round of collective bargaining.

Here is a list of the members of the APUO Collective bargaining team:

Michel Desjardins, APUO Administrative Director (Chief Negotiator)
Jean-Daniel Jacob, First Vice-President, APUO Executive Committee (School of Nursing)
Dalie Giroux, Academic Officer, APUO Executive Committee (School of Political Studies)
Richard L. Hébert, member of the APUO Board of Directors (Faculty of Medicine)
Susan Spronk, President, APUO Executive Committee (School of International Development and Global Studies)

Members for specific topics:

Paul Saurette member of the APUO Board of Directors (School of Political Studies)
Colin Montpetit, Officer-at-Large, APUO Executive Committee (Department of Biology)
Natasha Udell, APUO Legal Counsel

Should you and your academic unit want additional information about the proposals we put forward, the APUO executive would welcome an invitation to present and discuss these with you. Please send your requests to

As we move ahead in these negotiations, we will keep you informed of important developments.

In solidarity,

The APUO executive

Results of the ratification vote May 9, 2016

Dear APUO members,

The results of the ratification vote are as follows: 175 YES and 6 NO. The tentative settlement has therefore been supported by 96.7% of the members who have cast a ballot. With 181 ballots, the participation rate is 14.6%.

We wish to thank our members for the strong and continued support given to us during this round of bargaining.


The APUO Executive Committee

Absences from campus

Over the last few years several new practices that were implemented in faculties with regard to annual vacations and other absences from campus have created some confusion and problems for our members. We therefore wish to clarify the matter in light of the relevant sections of our Collective Agreement.

You can read the APUO memo here.

2015 Negotiations – Financial Proposals

Dear APUO members,

In a recent email, President Allan Rock stressed current financial pressures that the University of Ottawa is supposedly facing. He also instructed the deans of every faculty to make significant cuts. It is no surprise that this message was sent the day after the administration tabled a very weak financial proposal in negotiations with APUO that includes an annual increase of 1% for all members combined with cuts to extended health benefits and employee increases to pension contributions. If the APUO were to accept this proposal, most members would receive less than 1% annual increase.

APUO’s financial analysis committee examined the university’s financial statements and came to some very different conclusions. In summary,

  • The University of Ottawa has never been in better financial shape.
  • The university’s administration has prioritized financial strength over the affordability of education and/or educational quality.
  • uOttawa has run larger average annual surpluses than comparator universities.
  • Assets have grown without having to undertake substantial debts.

Please see the APUO’s financial analysis attached, based on public audited financial statements.

We are also posting the APUO’s financial proposals as well as the employer’s for your reference.

APUO financial proposals:

Employer financial proposals:

All negotiations documents are available on the APUO website.


The APUO Executive Committee

Workshop on Tenure and Promotion

To all APUO members,

You will find here the presentation re: Workshop on Tenure and Promotion that was held October 26 2015.

Leslie Robertson
Agente de Griefs/ Grievance Officer
Association des professeurs de l’Université d’Ottawa/
Association of professors of the University of Ottawa
170 Waller, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9B9
tel: (613) 230-3659  fax: (613) 230-4310

Absences from Campus


As per the last few years, new practices implemented in faculties regarding annual vacations and other absences from campus have created some confusion and problems for our members. It therefore seems necessary to clarify the issue in light of the relevant sections of our collective agreement.

Annual vacations

The collective agreement states, under section 28.1.5, that “A member may take vacation leave at any time(s) provided: (a) she notifies her dean in advance of each vacation period; (b) the vacation will not interfere with the member’s assigned duties as included in the member’s workload pursuant to article 22”, i.e. the article on workload.

There is therefore no problem in filling out a form to notify the dean in advance of the period during which the member will be on annual vacation. It needs to be understood that the goal is to inform the dean, not to ask for an authorization.

Absence from campus

Several APUO members have recently brought to our attention that many faculties are now demanding that any absence from campus has to be approved in writing and in advance by the Dean. In some cases, it is argued that this authorization is in accordance with article 28.4 (availability and authorized absence) of the collective agreement. This interpretation of article 28.4 is flawed.

Nowhere in this article (or anywhere else in the collective agreement) is there an obligation for members to make a written (or oral) request to the dean for an absence to perform her/his professorial duties, such as empirical investigations or research meetings, providing this absence does not interfere with her/his teaching activities (including the supervision of graduate students), or academic service activities (see specifically articles 28.4.3 and 28.4.4).

The collective agreement, in the same article, also stipulates that a member is not required to be on campus to fulfill her/his workload obligations, whenever another location is more appropriate and her/his absence does not interfere with teaching activities and academic service activities.

The right (not the obligation) of a member to request an authorized absence, as stipulated in article 28.4.6, only applies to extended leaves (of up to 60 calendar days and renewable), during a period when a member must have no obligations as described in 28.4.3 (a) and (c), no teaching activities, and no academic service activities. Unsurprisingly, this type of situation is extremely rare.

The member’s rights, privileges, duties and responsibilities shall remain unchanged during an authorized absence, apart from the added right to be absent without being subject to recall.

As a result, there is no obligation for a member to request an authorized absence with every travel arrangement. As long as the member makes sure, through the appropriate means, that her/his absence does not negatively impact her/his teaching activities and administrative responsibilities (see article 28.4.3), she/he is free to do so at her/his discretion.

The APUO filed an association grievance last year in regards to this article of the collective agreement. As of yet, the issue has not been resolved.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


The APUO Executive Committee.


Dear APUO members,

Practices implemented in faculties regarding annual vacations and other absences from campus have created some confusion and problems for our members. Please find HERE a memo clarifying the issue and the rights and obligations of APUO members in light of the relevant sections of our collective agreement. Briefly, there is no obligation for a member to request an authorized absence with every travel arrangement. If your absence does not negatively impact your teaching activities and administrative responsibilities (see article 28.4.3), you are free to plan and execute travel at your discretion. The APUO has filed an association grievance in order to formally resolve this issue with the employer.


The APUO Executive Committee