Past Winners

University of Ottawa Award for Excellence in Research

Past winners

2018-19  Elisa Romano, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Robert W. Boyd, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science

2017-18  Lori Beaman, Department of Classics and Religious Studies, Faculty of Arts and Jianping Yao, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Faculty of Engineering

2016-17  Ivy Bourgeault, Telfer School of Management

2015-16  Tracy Vaillancourt, Faculty of Education

2014-15  Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Faculty of Engineering and Teresa Scassa, Common Law Section, Faculty of Law

2013-14  Azzedine Boukerche, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Faculty of Engineering and George A. Wells, Department of Epidemiology & Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

2012-13  David Sankoff, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Science,
“Tel fleurit aujourd’hui/Qui jadis fleurissait: Mathematical genomics and Darwin’s abominable mystery”

2011-12  France Martineau, Département de Français, Faculté des arts
“Dialogues d’Amérique”

2010-11  Paul Corkhum, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science
“Catching Electrons”

2009-10  Katherine Lippel, Section Droit civil, Faculté de droit
“Les problèmes de santé mentale reliés au travail : public policy on prevention, compensation and return to work”

2008-09  Ivan Stojmenovic, SITE, Faculty of Engineering
“Journey Through Applied Algorithms”

2007-08  Hussein Mouftah, SITE, Faculty of Engineering
“Wireless Sensor Networks in the e-Society”

2006-07  Nancy Edwards, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences
“What makes community health interventions work?”

2005-06  Constance Backhouse, Common Law Section, Faculty of Law
“Rape in the House of Commons: The 1929 Prosecution of Louis Auger, Former uOttawa Professor”

2004-05  Annette O’Connor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences
“Yes, no, maybe, helping patients make tough decisions”

2003-04  Steve Perry, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science
“Strategies for Coping with Stress, and Other Fish Tales”

2002-03  Shana Poplack, Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts
“Uncovering the Hidden Origins of Everyday Language”

2001-02  Gregor Bochmann, SITE, Faculty of Engineering
“Why art is Needed for Software Development”

2000-01  Gary Slater, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science
“La vie, molécule par molécule: sorting, moving and teasing polymers”

1999-00  Heather Davis, School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences
“Using DNA to modulate the immune system: potential impact on vaccines, cancer therapies and allergy”

1998-99  Emery Fortin, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science
“La science à l’envers: From Solar Cells to Bose-Einstein Condensation”

1997-98  Nicolas Georganas, SITE
“Écouter ou étouffer le chant des sirènes: le Web et le multimédia apprivoisés”, “Resisting or Embracing the Sirens’ Song: Multimedia and the Web for the Wise”

1996-97  David Handelman, Department of Mathematics and Statisctics, Faculty of Science
“On the Dynamics of the Binomial Theorem”

1995-96  Robert Korneluk, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine
“Research into Molecular Genetics: From Muscular Dystrophy to Cell Suicide”

1994-95  Chad Gaffield, Department of History, Faculty of Arts
“The Renewing of Canadian History:  Nouvelles questions, nouvelles sources, nouvelles méthodes”

1993-94  Juan (Tito) Scaiano, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
“From Magnets to Power Lines: How they Influence Chemical Reactions”

1992-93  Gilles Paquet, Faculté d’administration
“Sciences transversales et savoirs d’expérience: The Art of Trespassing”

1991-92  Alvin Mahrer, School of Psychology
“Opening the Closed Doors of Distinguished Psychotherapists: The Discovery of how Change Occurs in Psychotherapy Sessions”

1990-91  Howard Alper, Department of Chemistry
“Basic Research: From Petrochemicals to Pharmaceuticals and Beyond”

1989-90  Jean-Louis Major, Département des lettres françaises, Faculté des arts
“A la recherche d’un texte authentique”

1988-89  David Levine, Department of Nephrology
“Inside the Kidney: Neither Dull nor Void”

1987-88  John Holmes, Department of Chemistry
“Cultivating my Chemical Garden”

1986-87  Jan Veizer, Department of Geology
“The Earth and its Life: Systems Perspective”

1985-86  Stanislaw S. Stuchly, Department of Electrical Engineering
“Radio Waves and our Bodies”

1984-85  William Dray, Department of Philosophy
“Causal Controversy in History”

1983-84  Jean Himms-Hagen, Department of Biochemistry
, “Body Heat, Food and Fatness”

1982-83  Walter Tarnopolsky, Common Law Section
“International Supervision of Human Rights: The U.N. Experience”

1981-82  Gérald Beaudoin, Section de droit civil
“Rapatriement et puis aprés?”, “Repatriation now what?”

1980-81  Morris Kates, Department of Biochemistry
“Adventures in Membrane-Land”

1979-80  Fernand Ouellet, Département d’histoire
“Le paysan canadien-français d’avant 1850: libéré ou exploité?”

1978-79  Gordin Kaplan, Department of Biology
“Self and Non-Self: Narcissism at the Cell Level (Moi et l’autre: aventures d’un lymphomane)”

1977-78  Nigel Howard, Faculty of Administration
“Powerful Paradoxes”

1976-77  Marcel Trudel, Département d’histoire
“L’Homme de ma génération, homme d’ancien régime”

1975-76  Marcel LeBlanc, Département de physique
“Harnessing Perpetual Motion: Frozen Asset or Future Prospect?”

1974-75  Wilbert J. Keon, Department of Surgery
“Coronary Heart Surgery: New Directions”

1973-74  Donat Pharand, Section de droit civil
“The Northwest Passage: Un souci des canadiens”

1972-73  Jean Ménard, Département de lettres françaises
“Albert Besnard – le magnifique”

1971-72  Benjamin C.Y. Lu, Department of Chemical Engineering
“Turning Water into Wine”

1970-71  Keith J. Laidler, Department of Chemistry
“The Seeds of Time”

1969-70  Benoît Garceau, o.m.i., Faculté de philosophie
“Les niveaux de la critique”

1968-69  Paul Wyczynski, Département de lettres françaises
“Nelligan et la Musique”

1967-68  Léonard F. Bélanger, Département d’histologie et embryologie
“Bonescapes by Atomlight”

1966-67  Brian E. Conway, Department of Chemistry
“Electricity and Chemistry: Some Reflections on Historical and Contemporary Work”

1965-66  John Ertl, Faculty of Psychology
“Evoked Potential and Intelligence”

1964-65  Eugène Roberto, Département de lettres françaises
“Réflexion littéraire: Claudel”

1963-64  Margaret Beznak, Department of Physiology
“Experiments on Enlargement of the Heart”

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