Ratification meeting

Dear APUO Members,

A ratification meeting of the proposed collective agreement (1 May 2016 to 30 April 2018) will be held Monday May 9, 2016. A summary of the process and the results, followed by a “Questions and Answers” period, will take place from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, in Marion Auditorium (140 Louis Pasteur). The ratification vote itself will begin at 11:00 AM and last until 5:00 PM at the entrance of room 150 of Marion Building.

You can download the 2016-2018 Tentative Settlement which includes changes to the collective agreement and the letters of understanding that accompany it.

We hope to see you in large numbers, as in previous general meetings.


The APUO Executive Committee

2016 Bargaining

Dear APUO Members,

We are happy to report that we have been able to reach a deal with the employer. The agreement was reached at the end of the fifth full day of mediation.

We believe that we have negotiated the best deal possible in the current circumstances and we are happy to recommend its ratification. The agreement will be presented to the APUO Executive this afternoon. A Special General Assembly (SGA) and secret vote to ratify the agreement will take place before May 15, 2016. All relevant information will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.

We would like to thank all of our colleagues who contributed to the bargaining process over the last year, specifically the members of the Collective Bargaining Committee, as well as the excellent professional advice and support of OCUFA and CAUT. Furthermore, we would like to thank the independent mediator, Peter Simpson, who worked extremely hard to facilitate this deal.

Thank you again for your extraordinary support.


The APUO Negotiation Team
Tyler Chamberlin
Jennifer Dekker
Michel Desjardins
Dalie Giroux
Christian Rouillard
Natasha Udell
with special assistance from Paul Saurette